TAYLOR HIGH seniors lauded on new Facebook page

The Taylor High School Photo of the Day has been posting pictures of seniors who are missing out on quality time with their Griffin family! If you have a picture of your senior you would like to share, email or message Principal Melissa Skopczynski. 

VOLUNTEER effort in the community second to none

Good communities are made up of residents who step up when times are tough. And there’s been a lot of stepping up recently in Taylor.

Volunteers at the Taylor School District have continued their free food service, even though their buildings are closed and the students are at home. The school food distribution was the most visible of many individuals, businesses and organizations stepping up to help the community in this time of need, according to Mayor Rick Sollars.

“The effort grows as the needs grow,” said Mayor Sollars, who has been attempting to match donors with needs while running a City government with locked down buildings and limited staffing. “Americans stand strong and band together in difficult times. This is one of them. But the United States has faces hurdles before, and we will get over this obstacle. We just have to stay together, and stay vigilante.”

The Taylor Schools offer free food to all students through a federal program during the school year. In too many situations that’s the only food the children eat all day. So when governor’s order closed all schools, district staff and volunteers stepped to the forefront to keep the distribution going. Last week’s distribution was no different, according to an email from MaryAnn Cyr, assistant superintendent.

“(The March 26) food distribution was a huge success. We distributed a total of 12, 047 breakfast meals from Randall Elementary School and West Middle School. Thank you to all those staff members who came out to help. As I mentioned before, to honor social distancing, we are limiting the volunteers, wearing masks, and keeping our distance while we work. This will be a challenge, but we will get through it.”

Cyr continued: “(On March 25), the Taylor Federation of Teachers delivered food to 19 families in need. Special thanks to Linda Moore and Sandra Kluk for organizing this. The families are so thankful and get quite emotional when we drop off food. 

“(Earlier) in the drive-up loop, one parent was so appreciative, she just wept and wept, trying to collect herself enough to thank us. She said that the family counted on this food to survive. These are the reminders that confirm that we are doing right by our community.”

WCCCD’s MIPSE location, which trains firefighters, has also lent supporter. Andy Steeby stopped by to give Fire Chief Stephen Portis boxes of supplies. They are usually used in training, but at this time of need, the more supplies on hand for Taylor Fire personnel, the better. Likewise, POHi staffer Stacy Lynne donated supplies from her department to the TFD.

Each day, it seems that more and more residents and businesses joining the effort. Police Chief John Blair posted a “thank you” from his department to many individuals and groups … and apologized that he couldn’t include more:

Police Chief John Blair and his entire department would like to send a big. blue “thank you” out to many organizations and groups for their support during this COVID-19 pandemic:

Wayne County Executive Warren C Evans

Taylor Pistol Club

CARE of Southeastern Michigan

Home Depot

Cheryle Hopper

Meijer Corp

Malek Al Kabob


Cordial Shoppe

Taylor School District

At times like these, the cream rises to the top. #TaylorStrong.

We could not agree more!

EDITOR’S NOTE: These are just a few of the many stories of Taylor residents and businesses stepping up during this time of crisis. If you have a story to share during this COVID-19 pandemic, email Karl Ziomek at kziomek@ci.taylor.mi.us.

FREE FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Program is revised, continues on Monday, March 23, at five locations

The highly successful Taylor School District free breakfast and lunch distribution will continue at 10:30-11:30 a.m. Monday, March 23. It will continue next week at the same locations and times on Thursday, March 26.

The program has been revised (see flyer) to five locations: Hoover and West middle schools, and Blair Moody, Myers and Randall elementary schools.

You can go to any distribution site of your choice, despite the school that your child attends. Parents who have students at multiple locations only need to stop once to receive all their food stuffs.

If you CANNOT get to the site, please contact the district at helpdeask@taylorschools.net with your name, address and number of students in your family.

All children will be fed! Last week, the district distributed 13,689 mails including nearly 7,000 breakfasts and lunches. Parent voiced their appreciation on social media afterward.

“God Bless our Taylor School District! Thank you for making a difference,” said Janis Aquino.

QUESTIONS? Everyone has them, but you will have to be patient for answers

Q: I have many questions about make-up work, make-up days, grades, credit, retention, prom, graduation etc.

Please help.

A: Many families, students and staff are asking questions about making up work, making up days, grades, credit, retention, prom, graduation and the like. We know that it is frustrating and unsettling to not have these answers. Unfortunately, we have to wait for direction from the appropriate authorities–MDE, RESA, CDC, and the Federal Government on many of these and other questions. 

You have our commitment that as soon as we have confirmed information, we will let you know as soon as possible.





The Taylor School District is adding to this link regularly.

Click on for immediate access

Taylor Families, we posted a copy of the TSD Non-Mandated Optional Enrichment Resources document on our Facebook and TSD website. We realized that it was a bit clunky for families to navigate. 

Therefore, we have created a Google site. This is a live site and is a work in progress. We will be adding activities on an ongoing basis. All you have to do is click on the link below. 

It is active at all times. These activities will be for general education and special education students. Remember, these activities are not for a grade or credit. They are meant to enrich and engage your students. Enjoy! 

TEACHERS, SUPPORT STAFF step up during COVID-19 pandemic

Teachers, support staff, social workers and administrators come together to organize, distribute and deliver food to families who could not get out of the house. 

Special thanks to Sandra Kluk for organizing this project and Linda Moore for purchasing food and hosting the distribution site. Proud to be a Taylor School District staff member! #MiTeamTaylor

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