ATTENTION SENIORS: Key dates rapidly approaching

Attention all seniors. Take note of key dates upcoming on the calendar.

Drive-through graduation cap and gown distribution will take place on May 27. Awards will also be distributed at this time, as will bagged locker contents. Distribution times will be:

10-11 a.m.: Mrs. Smith’s A-Dh

11-noon: Mrs. Louwer’s Di-J

Noon-1: Mrs. Rush’s K-Rh

1-2: Mrs. Santiz Ri-Z

Two days later, on May 29, all final classwork is due.

June 2, an “iMovie” presentation of the Taylor High School honors ceremony will be made available to families. A link will be made available to families and students.

And finally, on June 4, there will be a parade of graduating seniors through Heritage Park. It is tentatively scheduled for 5 p.m. as plans are being finalized.

Note: The virtual graduation ceremony, in conjunction with Microsoft, is being finalized. A THS Senior Prom, based on social distancing guidelines, is to-be-determined. Look for more details in the days and weeks ahead.

EMILY POLOVINO wins DECA Wisconsin competition

(Carly Lundgren-Barnard, Taylor High School DECA)

I am beyond proud of Emily Polovino. Recently DECA was sopposed to be in International competition with 13 of Taylor state winners. Due to Covid-19 the event in Nashville, Tenn. was cancelled. 

Wisconsin held a virtual International Career Development Conference for students that wanted to still experience ICDC. Emily, along with some of our other students took part in the week long event.

Emily entered the innovation plan event and won. She represented not only Taylor High School, but Michigan. #griffinpride

DISTRICT STAKEHOLDERS continue to discuss options for the next school year

Taylor Schools’ Cabinet and Executive Bargaining Units will be meeting to brainstorm educational possibilities for the next school year, scheduled to being in the fall. Because the target is always moving, the district simply wants to have contingency plans in place and updating families as information and decisions become final.
There is more good news on the high school front: TVLA is also a Microsoft Virtual Graduation recipient! Now the district has both of high schools receiving professional support for our graduations!

FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Despite rain, meals handed out and will continue on May 21

(Mary Ann Cyr, Assistant Superintendent, May 15.)

I hope this communication finds you well. I would like to share that despite some torrential downpours (last week) we still managed to serve a combination of 26,306 breakfast and lunch meals.  Thank you to all of the volunteers. It was testimony to your true dedication.
We hope to see everyone next week, on Thursday, May 21, from 10:30 am to 11:30 am, at Randall and West, for our food distribution.

Taylor School District is committed to continue serving meals for the rest of the school year, as long as supplies last. We will continue to update you as we receive more information regarding product availability. 
Please enjoy your weekend. Take care of yourselves and your family members. Remember to demonstrate proper social distancing, and stay Taylor Strong!”

PORTAL OFFERS various programs for music, PE and arts enrichment

When it comes to music, physical education and art, don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stand in the way of your student’s opportunities.

Go Noodle can offer a tremendous amount of games and energy to your day.

The Arts and Culture Journal, created by Adam VanHouten of the Traverse City Schools, offers all types of live online options from a vast group of educators.

The Chrome Music Lab offers simple experiments in music for people of any age.

In addition, Daily Free Workbooks are available, too.

Click here to access the Music/PE/Arts portal

DON’T MISS ENRICHMENT options for the preschool set

Preschool should be both engaging and exciting. HighScope views families as valued partners and strives to collaborate with them to promote optimal learning and development for their children outside of the classroom.

During this uncertain time, Highscope is just one of the online enrichment offerings that want to support educators and families, but not overwhelm them. This is why they’ve curated a best “at-home” activities, strategies, and resources to give you a practical way to keep children engaged in active learning at home.

Highscope, along with PBS Kids and the PBS Learning Media, are all available through the Taylor Schools preschool enrichment portal

THE HENRY FORD one of district’s social students enrichment offerings

The Henry Ford is one of the greatest historical resources in the national, and its rich database of educational resources helps educators – teachers and parents to provide engaging, interactive educational units both on-site at The Henry Ford and in the classroom. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is a tremendous enrichment resource.

It is part of Taylor Schools social studies enrichment portal

SCIENCE ORGANIZATIONS pool resources to offer more … and its free!

Educational organizations are pooling resources to make learning available, exciting and online-accessible during this COVID-19 pandemic.

For instance, the Mystery Science portal helps educators during this time of coronavirus, so it has pulled its most popular science lessons and are offering them for anyone to use for free. No account or login is needed. 

Copy and paste the links into your documents and use them however they might be helpful! Mystery Science is the creator of the most popular science lessons in U.S. schools. It has curated a starter set of science lessons that you can use remotely or share with families. If you need more lessons than what is listed below, you can sign up up for a free account.

Also available are programs from National Geographic and PBS.

Click here to enter the district’s online science portal

MAKE MATH FUN: District offers portals to connect with outstanding math enrichment

Taylor Schools offer a tremendous amount of math-related learning modules online. They are optional enrichment programs that can help your student excel in the subject.

Make math fun through i-Ready, Math Playground, Online Worksheets and the PBS Learning Media.

Just click here for more information

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