SCHOOL TELEPHONE numbers for quick contacts

Elementary Schools: Eureka Heights:                    (734) 946-6597 Holland:                                    (313) 295-5795 Kinyon:                                    (313) 295-5802 McDowell:                                    (734) 374-1240 Moody:                                    (313) 295-5807 Myers:                                    (734) 946-6602 Randall:                                    (313) 295-5812 Taylor Parks:                        (734) 374-1246 Middle Schools: Hoover:                                    (313) 295-5775 West:                                    (313) 295-5783 Taylor High […]

ELECTRONIC NOTICES make staying in touch a much easier process

In an effort to make the Taylor School District more environmentally friendly and to reduce spending, we are requesting that our parents and students help us in this effort by using electronic communications sites to acquire information about our programs and schools instead of receiving paper notes. Our school offices, departments and Board of Education […]

KINDERGARTEN: Comprehensive program offered by district

The Taylor School District offers a comprehensive Kindergarten program rooted in core curriculum, music, physical education, technology integrated learning, critical thinking and collaboration that prepares our youngest students as they begin their educational journey.  We also run a Transitional Kindergarten program that allows those students who were born between July 1st and December 1st an opportunity to […]

FREE PRESCHOOL program continues in the district

Families who reside in The Taylor School District attendance area and have a child who is or will be four years old by December 1, 2019 should call 313-295-8362 to set up an appointment. ∙ Certified Teachers ∙ Reading Readiness ∙ Learning through Play ∙ Field Trips ∙ Music and Movement ∙ Writing ∙ Math Exploration ∙ Art and Creativity

TVLA: Where every student has a front row seat

TAYLOR VIRTUAL LEARNING ACADEMY: Where every student has a front row seat! The goal of TVLA is to provide students with an excellent education through an alternative delivery method.  Time and place take on a new meaning when students have the flexibility to complete assignments at any time of the day and from any location.  […]

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