TAYLOR SCHOOLS continue to distribute food and work on instructional plan moving forward

Taylor Schools have been working hard to distribute food and plan for the state-mandated instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, the schools served 14,114 breakfast meals for families.

While it has been a struggle for citizens all over the United States to secure consumable and non-consumable goods, the good news is that due to supply and demand in the area, Taylor Schools free food distribution can return to a breakfast and lunch option this Thursday, April 16.

Hopefully the breakfast and lunch option will remain for the weeks to come.

“We also need to recognize the Taylor Meijer,” said Interim Superintendent Mark Kleinhans. “Last week) during our food distribution roll out, on a first-come, first-serve basis, families were on the receiving end of $3,000 worth of groceries. What an amazing and generous gesture to support our Taylor School District families. This generosity speaks to what Taylor is all about.”

PLANNING CONTINUES FOR INSTRUCTION: 1,607 families who have responded to the district’s “Family Internet and Technology Device Survey” last week, and the survey was extended through the weekend.

This survey will be key to help the system gather information so it can make plans to deliver the state approved instructional support for our students. The district has been racing with the clock to work on the student learning plan that is due to the state by the end of the month.

“As I listen to the news and reflect on the Governor’s latest order, it is imperative that we follow her mandate in the strictest of fashion so we can be on the other side of COVID-19,” Kleinhans said. “Please stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your loved ones.”

Taylor Schools will keep residents up to date on the progress of the instructional plan as soon as it is completed.

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