WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Chorus offers standout performance in Dexter

Mr. Martin took the West Middle School Chorus to Dexter on Saturday, March 7 (leaving at 6:45 a.m.) and they gave some fantastic singing and sight-reading performances!  After all their work, it was great to finally get our sound on the stage.  Each group performed well, and you can hear the results at WestChorus.com

The judges read the music they were singing while they performed, and each group was rated in six categories (Tone, Rhythm, Pitch, Diction, Presentation, and Interpretation) with a possible five points in each category.  

Added to the three singing judges were the scores from a sight-reading judge, who listened to us read new music they’d never seen, testing their procedures and skill. When all the scores were added up, choirs receive a final rating of either I (Excellent), II (Good), III (Fair) or IV (Poor).  

Final results showed the Men in Black received a II rating for a good performance.  The Cardinal Singers and Cadet Choir both received a I rating for an Excellent performance!  This means the Cardinals and Cadets are both invited to perform at State Choral Festival, which will be in late April or early May at Holt High School in Holt.  

After their performances, the choirs all enjoyed a meal at the South Quad dining facility at the University of Michigan, eating among the university students and seeing a bit of the campus.  They will likely visit Michigan State University for a meal on our trip to State Festival. 

Congratulations to Mr. Martin and all the West singers who performed!

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