RANDALL teacher pens letter lauding district’s ‘Bittyball’ basketball weekend program

Mrs. Donna Cahalan, second-grade teacher at Randall Elementary School, recently wrote a letter on the weekend “bittyball” basketball league in Taylor:

I think that positive stories like what I have seen this year need to be highlighted.  

I have been a Taylor teacher for 23 years. Of those 23 years, my husband John has been the girls or boys basketball coach for the past six or seven years. As an employee who loves working for the Taylor school system, I wanted to talk about the impressive things I have seen go on with this program for many years, but especially this year.  

It brings our community together. This weekend, I witnessed the Taylor Parks and Randall coaches hugging before the game, wishing each other good luck and teaching their players (our students) how to have sportsmanship win or lose. To witness Randall parents at the end of a game hugging, smiling and getting photos with the opposing team was wonderful to see.  

It teaches our youth to be passionate, hard working and persevere. It has been a season with parity in the league. No one team has run away with every game. To watch coaches encourage and to see the players improve from all teams is amazing. Shout out to Moody coach who found out Holland was not going to have a team and offered to coach them so those students could play.  

I saw this year a young Moody student who has never made a basket due to his medical condition make a basket when the Randall students backed off their defense and allowed him to get rebounds and put shots up. When the shot went in, both sets of fans erupted, giving this young man a standing ovation. Classy by all families involved.  

I personally think we should thank Athletic Director Loren Ristovski for his perseverance. He continues to support and schedule this program every year even when the passion of coaches and parents can be negative. He believes in the youth of Taylor and promoting Taylor sports programs.  
I for one am proud to be a Taylor teacher. These students and families are second to none. I just wanted to take the time to let you know what a valuable program Bitty Ball is and to point out some of the amazing things happening with Taylor Schools.

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