WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL brings the house down at District 12 band fest in Livonia

Thirty-five students from West Middle School recently participated in the District 12 Michigan State Band and Orchestra Association Festival at Franklin High School in Livonia. 

West brought home one third-place rating, eight second-place ratings and fourteen first-place ratings. Out of the fourteen first-place ratings, Holly Fife, Aiden Jahr, MacKenzie Nibarger, Mylan Vo, and Jillian Wozniak received perfect scores. 

Students were required to perform challenging arrangements, chosen from a variety of genres and styles, including classical, before a judge, who evaluated their performance and gave them a score. 

The students were among hundreds of others from all over southeast Michigan. After their performance, students had an opportunity to work with experienced educators and skilled musicians to improve their playing and develop their musical skill. 

Band students would like to thank Mrs. Carole Scott (former West Band Director) and the Grosse Ile Quintet, who helped them prepare for competition. 

The Quintet performed a half-hour program for the students and then provided a clinic workshop for those students who went to competition. 

Congratulations go to all of our participants: Destiny Davis, Jillian Wozniak, Mylan Vo, Meagan Hayes, Janita Bowman, Patricia Nakanwagi, Alex Prater, Conner Kincaid, Aiden Jahr, Brianna Nibarger, MacKenzie Nibarger, Madyson Hilton, Joshua Stachulski, Nicholas Stachulski, Christopher Alfaro, Nickolas Clements, Michael Geiss, Christopher Malone, Kassi Gregory, Isobel Jordan, Kaitlyn Isaacs, Victor Schultz, Holly Fife, Gabby Odeh, Joslyn Mackenzie and Aiden Zirkle

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