ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: February newsletter includes information about district building history

Some of the information below is incomplete. If you have any information to help us complete this page, please send an email to Caroline.Patts@ or tayloralumniassociation@ 

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Bernice McDowell 

Built in 1972 

Blair Moody 

15 rooms built 1956 

10 rooms added 1959 

Clarence Randall 

Built in 1956
Addition 1957
18 rooms added 1959 


Built 7 rooms in 1958 

8 rooms added 1971 

Eureka Heights 

Built in 1951 

Addition 1952 

Addition 1959


Built 13 rooms in 1960 

10 rooms added 1963 


Built in 1973
2 Quads (date unknown) 

Quads removed 2010 

Taylor Parks 

Built in 1938
7 rooms added in 1946 

8 rooms added 1950 

10 rooms added 1962 

—Closed elementary buildings will be in the next edition. 

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