WEST: Students learn about Penrickton Center

Recently Ms. Sharlene and Ms. Jessica, employees from the Penrickton Center for Blind Children, spoke to eighth-grade science students at West Middle School. 

The Penrickton Center is a facility located on Eureka Road and Lange Street for students that are blind and multi-disabled. The school’s goal is to promote as much independence as possible with the children. The center accepts children from the ages of 1 through 12. These children attend special schools, but are able to stay overnight during the week and return home on weekends and vacations. 

Ms. Sharlene and Ms. Jessica brought many items with them to help our students better understand the disabilities their clients experience. 

Special glasses that simulate 20/400 vision – glasses that simulate being able to see only shadows and light were given to our students to try on. The speakers also explained how cerebral palsy affects the body by either contracting muscles or leaving the child’s muscles limp. Several demonstrations were conducted with students to experience being blind, guided by another person or using a white cane. Special dishes and eating utensils were also demonstrated. 

The students appreciated learning more about the Penrickton Center and it’s services. The speakers helped us become empathic toward disabled children.  The Penrickton Center welcomes volunteers to stuff envelopes, because they are completely funded through donations. 

Ms. Sharlene and Ms. Jessica encouraged our students to visit the center with their parents. West Middle School thanks the speakers for spending time with our students to educate them in the obstacles the center’s children face with dignity and grace. 

Submitted by Sara Bochenek 

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