SCHOOL FOUNDATION honors donors during annual gathering

The Taylor Public School Foundation for Educational Excellence celebrated its charitable donors recently during an annual breakfast gathering at the Chopping Block Restaurant, which is located at Career Center on Westlake Road and is part of the Taylor Public School’s Culinary Program.

Individuals representing the following awards were present: Caroline Patts Award for Education Achievement; Charles Bonner Going Forward Award; Charles Dickelman University of Michigan Scholarship; DFCU Educational Achievement Award; Educational Athletic Scholarship; Friends of Northern Michigan University Scholarship; Hopman Award for Continued Success; John and Sharon Cruden Award; John Pantalone Award for Future Teachers and Trade School Applicants; Laura Trent Memorial Scholarship; Mayor Rick Sollars Scholarship; Robert and Mary Merriman Award; Robert Haarala School Service Award; Taylor Changing Lives Scholarship; Taylor Churches Career Award; Taylor Churches Makes a Difference Award; Taylor Public School Foundation Scholarship; Taylor School District Alumni Award ; Thomas Schuck Family Award; Total Community Credit Union Scholarship; Van Kostegian Award for Educational Advancement; and Women’s Auxiliary of the Democratic Club of Taylor Scholarship.

Master of Ceremonies Ken Nelson labels each annual breakfast with a theme, from “A Wonderful Life” to “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” and “You Can’t be a Beacon if Your Light Doesn’t Shine.” This year’s theme was “Making America Great,” and how charities contribute to the nation’s greatness.

Nelson explained that issues like immigration, foreign aid, donations to charity, and wars on foreign soil has shown American contributions to the world’s greater good. 

Helping celebrate the foundation’s donors were two groups of Taylor High School students. The first included Carly Gosdzinski, Colin Ingersoll, Samia Neeley and Ifechukwa Ezeokoli, who wrote essays about contributions to American greatness as part of a project for English teacher Christopher Burnett. Each read their essay to the gathering.

The second group included Araya Bailey, Ingersoll, NeMarco Adams, Malachi Gibson and Meagan Spearman, singers for Chorus teacher Renee Kuczeski, who sang “God Bless America.”

The Taylor Public School Foundation for Educational Excellence is a non-profit independent organization of volunteers committed to enriching the educational environment of the Taylor School District.

Established in 1986 through an endowed gift from a local resident, the Foundation strives to maintain and enhance the excellent reputation of the district by building a broad base of financial support.

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