WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students listen to presentation from ‘Ethical Choices Program’

West Middle School had a very special speaker on November 19. Mr. Brece Clark, from The Ethical Choices Program, spoke to all seventh grade classes. His program was titled “The Environment and Modern Agriculture”.

This program provided a great deal of information on how our food choices effect our water, air and land. Mr. Clark said that the majority of food grown goes to feeding our livestock instead of people. Also, the extra carbon dioxide released from the raising of livestock is the single most contributing factor to the greenhouse affect, resulting in climate change. 

In addition, the loss of forests due to growing food for livestock has caused several species to become extinct. 

Mr. Clark encouraged our students to make small changes to their diet to have a positive effect on their health and environment. 

Meatless Mondays, eating more grains, fruits and vegetables and reducing our consumption of cow’s milk are all positive changes. 

He encouraged students and their families to email this organization’s food coach, Matt, for information and great suggestions for making positive food choices.  The email address for the food coach is Matt@ecprogram.org

West Middle School appreciates the information provided by Mr. Clark. We hope our students take steps to live healthier lives and help protect our environment.

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