WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students take a trip to Mars

During the first week of October West Middle School eighth-grade science students engaged their imagination and suspended reality for a brief period,

They imagined that they had just returned from a Mars manned space mission. On this “mission” they returned with rock samples from Mars. They observed three different soil samples to see if we could answer the age old question of, “Is there life on Mars?”

They investigated the soil samples to determine if they were able to identify any of the functions that are associated with being alive. Those functions include but are not limited to exchange of gases, a nervous system, movement, a sensory system and growth. 

After warm water was added to each soil sample various changes occurred. In one sample, sugar dissolved showing evidence of a physical change. In a second sample, fizzing occurred, a sure sign of a chemical change. Finally, in the third stage – which contained sand, yeast and sugar – the sample appeared to grow in size.

Therefore, in this final sample our students concluded that this sample showed evidence of a function of life, which is growth. 

Submitted by Sara Bochenek

Published by talkingtaylorschools

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