WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: New students learn the basics of science

West Middle School’s incoming sixth grade science students are learning the basic skills of science.  One of the skills involves understanding the importance and steps to the scientific method.  

Using a hands-on approach to learning the scientific method, students in Mrs. Fent’s and Mrs. Shulte’s classes designed their own experiment using M&Ms.

The scientific method begins by asking a question. Next the students made a hypothesis or educated guess. After they wrote out the procedure that they would follow in collecting data.  Finally, by analyzing their data, students were able to answer their initial question. 

Many interesting questions were asked. For example, some students wanted to know how much an M&M weighed or how long was an M&M. Others timed how long it would take the M&M to melt in their hand or their mouth. A variety of scientific tools were used in collecting data. These tools included a scale, a ruler and a stopwatch. 

This is just one of the many labs that our science students will experience this school year. These labs give students an opportunity to brainstorm, work cooperatively and constructively solve problems. West Middle School believes in giving students authentic experiences to enrich their education.  

Submitted by Sara Bochenek

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